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2020 Continued


As the x-ray shows I finally got my new hip. Back in March, before the delay, I had a set of instructions that detailed the regimen I was to follow for the two weeks leading up to the surgery. They were canceled when the surgery was delayed and I was waiting for the call to restart the regime. They called on a Thursday two months later and asked if Friday would be alright. I asked “Tomorrow?”. They said “No, next Friday.”. I said that would be fine and asked about the regimen. They said to just do the last 3 days of it. So, in early July it was done. The left x-ray is afterwards and shows the metal they inserted. It was supposed to take six weeks to recover. We bought a walker for me to use and home health care nurses showed me how to use it and what exercises to do to regain my strength. After the second nurse visit they said I was doing great and canceled the future visits. After nine days we put the walker into storage and I used a cane for another week. Then it was just taking walks around the neighborhood to keep up the muscle tone.

At the six week point I’m back riding with the others from the club. Usually 250-300 miles in an eight hour span. This ride was at eight weeks.









A week later this one went to the coast of Washington.










A week later Kathy and I took the RV and spent a week at the Dosewallips State Park on the Olympic Peninsula. While there we hiked the local trails. This trail was just shy of three miles (4.8 km.) in a loop and climbed 450 feet (140 m) up and down. This is ten weeks after surgery.















A week later we headed to central Oregon and the lava beds in the Cascade Mountains.










Then another week and it is off to Mt. St. Helens, the American volcano that made history when it erupted in 1980.

This picture was taken by my Garmin action camera. I finally got it working again so that I can take video and still pictures while riding.





And just last week, end of August, we crossed the Columbia River on a small ferry and rode around in NW Oregon on secondary roads.

It is now early in September. The weather is too hot for us to ride this week (almost 100 F, 38 C). I know some of you who spend your summers in the south  are laughing at us but we enjoy our summers in the 80’s. Our plan is to come join you guys in Arid-zona in November. We will be taking the scenic route through the month of October. We will be going south by way of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. We rode some great roads in those states 30 years ago and I want to try them again if the weather allows. Several are at very high elevations.

Going to the Sun Road in Glacier NP

Beartooth Pass

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Taos, NM area.

Prescott, AZ area.

Then we will be in Tucson for the month of November. Hopefully you’ll get another update then.

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