When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps are just like the Swiss Alps that everyone pictures when one says “Alps”. They are beautiful and snowcapped with clouds floating by.

We going across two passes; the Gerlos and the Grossglockner High Alpine Roads. Each is a toll road. The Gerlos was 7.5 Euros. Not bad but the Grossglockner was 27.50 for motorcycles. This is where we had lucked out for a change. The hotel between the two where we spent the night had a special for its guests. Free coupons for the Grossglockner Pass road. We finally had some good luck.




The road climbs steeply and through many switchbacks. Some of which are hung on the side of the mountain.


















Many of the blind corners have circles painted onto the roadway. These are only in the lane with the left-hand curve. They start small, grow in size and then back down in size. These are to show the motorcyclists where to align their tires on these corners. Most motorcyclists align their tires with the stripe on left-hand curves. This puts the rider’s head in the oncoming lane as they lean into the curve. The road is too narrow and the traffic too heavy to do this very often without getting one’s head removed. Lining up with the edge of the circles prevents that.












We reached the top and stopped at the cafe/tourist shop. We also took some pictures, about 40 or 50 all around. The sign says this is the parking lot for the Fuschertorl 1 at 2407 meters above sea level. That’s just shy of 8,000 feet for Americans.








We crossed two Alpine passes in two days. As we were just starting up the first one we came up onto this! It is a tourist train pulled by a tractor disguised as a train engine. We, as well as many other motorcyclists, quickly passed it in no passing zones. Our acceleration, and it’s slow speed, let us get by with that while the cars were stuck behind for who knows how long.

The traffic was heavy on each pass with trucks, tour busses, cars and hundreds of motorcycles. We took our time and stopped at scenic overlooks as we climbed up and over.











We passed through many, many small Tyrolean villages with picture perfect houses and balconies festooned with flower boxes.







From the bottom of the pass road we rode the autobahn (freeway) south to the the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia. We will be there for a few days before continuing on south.