When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Devil’s Marbles and other stuff

The day continued with getting gasoline at a roadhouse that these art pieces by a local artist. Left is “Desert Mermaid and her lover” and right is unnamed 10 meter (30’) aboriginal woman, child and lizard.





The day continued with another tank of gasoline at this “UFO Landing Pad”.  I guess this is Australia’s answer to Roswell, New Mexico.







Now, finally, The Devil’s Marbles or “Karlu Karlu” in the local language.  These roundish rocks are scattered over a kilometer or two of ground and come in various sizes from table to house size.

The rocks form when the tops of  the limestone blocks are exposed and the vertical and horizontal cracks weather the blocks into a more spherical shape.

We had planned to camp here but it was still early in the day, very hot and no shade or power.  So we went on.



We are starting to see termite mounds alongside the road. There are thousands of mounds within sight. If it goes on as we see it there have got to be billions of them.  There seem to be two types.  Those that are narrow, straight and tall and those that are lumpy and tall.  These run up to about 2 meters (6.5’) tall.






We had to stop at the “Daly Waters Pub”.  It is world famous and is stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Travelers make a point of stopping here, and we did too.  They serve a famous “Beef and Barra” meal that is a steak (beef) and a filet (Barramundi fish).  The fish was better than the steak and the steak was good.  The place was hopping with customers drinking beer, eating and watching “footie” (Australian football) finals.  Sort of like our Superbowl.

Daly Waters started out as a watering spot on the cattle drive trail.  In the 1930’s it became a refueling stop for the Sydney to Singapore airline, later to be an important airfield for the Americans and Australians in WWII.  Today it lives on its fame as a “back end of nowhere” watering hole and people flock to it.


The next morning we drove on to the town of Katherine, which was named for my favorite girl!

(Actually it was named for the daughter of the sponsor of an early explorer, Mr Stuart.  He didn’t have enough money to explore on his own so he got sponsors who hoped he would find valuable things, like gold.)


Next we go boating in the Katherine Gorge.