When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Dubrovnik, Croatia












This map takes us down to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We broke out of prison and headed for the border! The hostel Celica is a nice place to stay but the rooms are small, of course, with them being prison cells. We left Ljubljana and headed south towards Mostar on a 2-lane road with lots of curves and fun to ride.










The right hand picture shows a village and the road around the lake that we followed.

We crossed in to Croatia and then Bosnia to get to Mostar. The town is famous for its Old Bridge. In fact, Red Bull Energy Drink has one of its cliff diving series of contests here off the bridge. Local young men jump off for donations every day. Look close and you will see one centered on top ready to jump.



Also, there is craft beer. As a dedicated craft beer drinker and past brewer I look for it wherever we go. They had a very good IPA, my favorite of beer.






Our hotel is just a block from the bridge between a Muslim Mosque and a Christian Church. The Muslim call to prayer blasts out of loud speakers on the minarets and the Christian hours ring out from the bells in the tower. There are 4 Mosques and 2 Churches in this picture but the noisy church is out of the picture to the left.



Leaving Mostar we returned to Croatia and south to Dubrovnik. This town dates back at least to the Romans. We wound around mountainous bluffs, along bays of the Adriatic Sea and through small towns.

We also looked out for wild Boars but never saw any.







Dubrovnik has a large, steep bluff behind it and we rode the gondola to the top. Our hotel is across the street from the round tower in the lower right.









The straight street, left to right, used to be a canal but is now the pedestrian mall and main access. It is also the lowest point in town. The town rises steeply to the far and near sides of the mall.

Seaward side of the wall.                                                                                          A cross street on the near side of town.

The town has thousands of steps on the dozens and dozens of little lanes that lead here and there. There are shops and homes as well as all the restaurants, cafes and bars to serve the thousands of visitors each day. Cruise ships can each land thousands of visitors by themselves.

We stayed at Turtle Apartments. There are only three rooms and the owner took very good care of us. We stayed 4 nights and enjoyed it. Here are some of the permanent guests at Turtle Apartments. (There are 7 turtles in the picture.)









Next we are to cross due east to the Bulgarian Treffen on the shore of the Black Sea.