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2001    GL1800    For Sale

This is an American GoldWing with a USA License Plate.

160,000 miles (259.000 km.) now. At 150,000 miles (240.000 km.)  a new alternator, new rear end gears and Progressive Suspension were installed. It is in very good condition. It is stored indoors in Heidelberg, Germany.

Honda factory CB radio, Windbender (www.firecreekacc.com) adjustable windshield, Highway pegs, Tank bag, Rider backrest, Trailer hitch, Carrier/bag for hitch, Trunk rack, Lower fog lights, Garmin 590 GPS with USA/Europe maps and TPMS.

We will be done riding around Europe after this trip. We will be at the Bulgarian & Turkish Treffens for viewing. We can deliver it in Greece, Bulgaria or Turkey in the middle of October. Or take it back to Germany for anyone else.

Contact Bob Eggett at bobkat3080@gmail.com

or text to +1-360-606-4479.


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