When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

For Sale

Have you ever wanted to ride Europe?

Tour Alpine passes.       Visit the castles of Germany.

Enjoy the food of Spain.       Taste the wines of France.

See the ruins in Rome and Pompei.

Do so for less than the cost of a guided tour.

And do it for as long and as often as you want.

Our Gold Wing in Germany is for sale.

$5,000 USD


Hi, My name is Buzz. I am a 2001 GL1800 Honda Gold Wing. I am in very good health. In the fall of 2021 I took my owners on a 5,000 mile (8.000 km.) trip to Turkey and back without any problems. I am a U.S. Bike registered in Washington State, but I live in Heidelberg, Germany at Knopf Tours where I am stored inside, warm and dry.

I was shipped to Germany about 8 years and 10,000 miles (16.000 km.) ago. Before leaving the USA, I had a new alternator, Tires and rear end installed as well as Progressive suspension front and rear. I have a CB radio, a WindBender adjustable windshield, Utopia rider’s backrest, highway pegs, trailer hitch, trunk rack and tank bag. To find your way, I have a mount for a Garmin 590 GPS and the GPS itself. The GPS has mapping for Europe and North America. To record your journey there is a mount for an action camera like a GoPro or VIRB, but you have to bring your own camera.

My mileage is 166,699 miles (268.276 km.). I have no mechanical problems and don’t drink much oil. My owners use full synthetic and the round trip to Turkey used only one quart (liter) for the entire trip. I currently have brand new full synthetic in me ready for my next trip. There no no dings, dents or scrapes other than minor tip over on a highway peg when stopped. There are several thousand miles (kilometers) left on my tires.

Although my owner would like to keep riding Europe, he is now 78 years old and has developed a heart problem. He no longer wants to get that far from his doctors. It is with regret that I am on the market at a bargain price. He is asking $5,000 USD for me. And I come with complete riding gear, First Gear or Roadmaster, except for boots and gloves.

The man’s set of riding pants and jacket fit a 5’ 11” (1,8 m.), 180 lb. (82 kg.) man. The women’s set fits a 5’ 7” (1,7 m.), 150 lb. (68 kg.) woman. There are also two sets of helmets.







The two Nolan helmets are older and well worn, have J&M wired headsets, and are US in sizes XL and M. The two Schuberth helmets are C2’s, seldom worn, and with bluetooth headsets. They are EU in sizes 62/63 and 60/61. The bluetooth batteries are very dead.  There are some additional items included too. This list includes the following:

Original Owner’s Manual & remote.

Garmin 590 GPS (EU & NA maps) with manual and car mount (bike mount on bike).

Air pump, gauge & 1st aid kit.

Spare lights and safety vests (required by EU in motor vehicles).

Plenty of tools, screws & fittings.

Assorted bungees.

Winter gloves.

You may use, sell or throw these items away. They come with the bike and are on it at Knopf Tours.

Questions about riding Europe:

What about insurance? Knopf Tours is a full service motorcycle support company. They sell the EU-wide “Green Card” insurance from the German Auto Club ADAC. The cost will vary by how many months, type of coverage and your age. If over 70 you will need a letter from a doctor saying you are capable of riding a motorcycle. One or two sentences on letterhead are sufficient.

Do I need an “International Drivers License”? No, but it is nice to have. The AAA in the US will make you one. The IDL is only a translation, into multiple languages, of your actual license. If you ride where English is uncommon, it can be handy. My owners have never had to show it in their years of riding in Europe for 50,000 miles (80.000 km.), on two different Gold Wings, in every country in Europe, as well as Morocco and Turkey.

How much does storage cost? My owners pay $400/year USD at Knopf Tours.

Is riding difficult? Mostly “no”. But some lesser roads can be tricky. Check out the video of coming down Stelvio Pass on my owner’s YouTube channel for one of the trickiest. Most roads are like freeways or highways in the USA. Many are toll roads, particularly in southern Europe. Motorcycles and scooters often go to the front at stop lights and filtering is common too.

Is it expensive? Not really, but it can be if you like 4 or 5 star accommodations. Eating at small cafes and staying at lesser hotels can make your gasoline budget go further. Gasoline is expensive by US standards. On the trip to Turkey it cost (converted to gallons and US dollars) about $7-8/gallon. But at 40+ miles per gallon it takes you a long ways.

What about service for the bike, or a breakdown? Knopf Tours can handle it. Or if you are away from them, look up the nearest Honda dealer on Google. Or call another Winger. There are lots of Gold Wings in Europe. Every country has a Gold Wing club, some with hundreds of members. There is an international organization where you can look up the various clubs and their annual rallies (called a Treffen). The GWEF (Gold Wing European Federation) is the umbrella organization for the various country clubs. The official language of the GWEF is English. Contacting a member will get you any help you need. Going to a Treffen is a great way to make lots of friends.

What about a license plate? After purchase, take the title to your state license bureau and license it in your name. Then take your license plate to Europe with you and switch it with mine (which will be canceled after purchase).

What about money in the EU? Almost all of Europe uses the Euro (as of Feb. 2022 equal to $1.14 USD) which you can get out of a bank machine (called a Geldomat) in the airport.

What about speaking only English? English is very common in Europe, especially the more northern areas. In tourist areas the merchants speak multiple languages, at least enough to carry out their business. Only speaking English is not a serious handicap to travel. A smart phone that has Europe compatible frequencies is a necessity. Download Google’s translation program and that will take care of the few times no one is around that speaks any English. My owners used their AT&T account, with international coverage, just like they use it at home. Searches, maps, route planning, translation, hotel and restaurant reservations, event registrations, payments, etc.

Is theft a problem? No. Take normal precautions for your possessions. Don’t flash wads of money or leave valuables in plain sight. Use a cable to secure your helmets when they are left on the bike. (My owners have helmet bags, with security cables, that they took home with them.) Keep your wallet in a front pocket. Be sensible and kind, don’t make it easy for thieves.

What about food? Almost all restaurants have picture menus, either printed or on the wall. With the multiple languages and alphabets of Europe they do this for other Europeans. And larger restaurants may well have a menu available in English or other languages.

How do I get to Knopf Tours? Fly to Frankfurt, walk through the airport to the train station. Take the S-bahn to Heidelberg, get off at the station Kirchheim/Rohrbach and walk the quarter mile to the office. Or let Knopf Tours know your flight and they will meet you at the airport and take you to their place, for a fee. Be sure and reserve a room in their B&B. You should allow a couple days to orient yourself to the time zone and weather before you climb on me and ride off.

How do I pay for Buzz? Contact my owners and make arrangements. The title will be delivered after payment has cleared. My owner will need name and address to do the paperwork required by the State of Washington for transfer of title (even to another state or country).

To get more information, or additional pictures, please contact my owners  (+1-360-six zero six-4479, text or call during daytime on the west coast of the US) or email (bob (AT) bobkatsjaunt.com).

To read about all of my owners’ adventures in Europe, and the rest of the world, Click here or “Home” on the menu at the top of this page.