When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Heading South

We left Heidelberg heading to the Erwin Hymer Museum. Hymer makes motorhomes and trailers for the European camping market. The museum has various camping rigs from the early 1900’s to futuristic design ideas. As we now live in a motorhome full time we thought this would be interesting.

The museum has two levels with curving ramps that display the vehicles.

This is from 1939 and has a pop-top with side windows on the trailer.





The next is a 1958 Zundapp with a 248 cc. Engine. Notice that both ends open and the bed takes up the entire inside. The front is to the left. I had to check the head and tail lights to find out. The bed folds up for driving.





This trailer is a Windspiel from 1962. It has a very aerodynamic look. The tail lights are on wings out sideways. Most all European cars are small and the family car is used to tow whatever is needed to be towed, We have seen a little car, like a Ford Focus, tow a horse trailer. Only a one-horse horse trailer but it still would have been heavy.




This is a Fiat 500. The original, not today’s model. This one truly had only 500 cc’s. My parents had one when I was in high school. (I know that three high school boys can pick it up and turn it sideways in a driveway and I could lift the front and turn it back by myself.) The engine’s size is less than 1/3 of what we have in our GoldWing. The trailer collapses down for travel. The trailer is a Laika from 1964 and the car from 1972.


This last one will obviously float. It has an outboard motor. It is called a Sealander and is from 2015.






We left the museum and continued south following the GPS to a hotel. I made a wrong turn, tried to go around the block in this little village, passed through an arch that was probably the old city gate and ended up in a pedestrian only area. This is not our first time and we just looked for an exit and continued slowly back to the main road. We did find our hotel, spent the night and then headed east into Austrian Alps.