When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Here is a collection of the web links we consider of interest or that are referred to elsewhere on these pages.  Above are links to some interesting quotes.

Cycle Specialties - The best service shop in the Northwest USA.

Motodiana - The best service and accessories shop in Portugal.

Horizon's Unlimited - A vast source of info for world travelers.

Octoberfest - A fun festival in Munich, Germany

Intermot - The world's biggest motorcycle expo.

GWRRA - The Gold Wing Road Riders Association

GWCP - The GoldWing Clube de Portugal

Rose City MC Club - A fun all-brand MC club in Portland, OR, USA

3C Motos - Roués Libres - The shop that helped us in Bayonne

pacSAFE - the name in secure gear for travel.

Ride-on Motor Tours - has interesting motorcycle tours throughout the world.

GL1800Riders - Popular GoldWing Forum