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Vacation Trips and Local Runs.

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For many years we were limited to two week vacations for our trips.  This severely limited the range of our travels by GoldWing.  The problem is not that we didn't have the earned vacation time, it was getting our employers to give it to us all at once.

The one exception to this was our trip to Mexico.  We spent two years getting our bosses coordinated to giving us a month off both at the same time.  Then at the last moment Kathy's boss wanted to back out.  We told him that we had money down and it was too late for that.  

A couple of local events we rarely miss are the Polar Bear Run on January 1st for the Trinity Road Riders Club, and the 250 and 500 mile runs of the Rose City Motorcycle Club.  

We do a lot of riding with the Rose City MC Club in Portland, Oregon.  They have an annual 250 mile, 500 mile, 1000 mile and Grand Tour that we participate in several of each year. The 250 and 500 are one day runs, the 1000 is a 2 day weekend run, and the Grand Tour goes to 19 checkpoints scattered across Oregon, the western US and Canada.   Check them out at - Rose-City-MC.org.

In 2009 our friends from Holland, Dirk and Hetty, came over to go to Alaska with us.  We did over 7,000 miles, nearly 12,000 km in seven weeks.

In 2011 we are doing the Grand Tour and going back to Mexico, this time to Baja.

In 2012 we went to the Sturgis Rally and met some Italian friends there.

In 2013 we stayed near home with multiple rides.

In 2014 we spent 8 months on the bike touring the east coast of the US.

In 2015 we again stayed near home.

In 2016 we went to Australia for 4.5 months, but without the bike.

We will add other trips as they happen.

Maps of our travels are here.