When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Niagara Falls

We entered the United States by following the freeway  from Montreal and then abandoned it for the two lane roads of the Adirondack Park.  We again followed the roads alongside streams, over hills, through towns and past meadows.


Then we were there!   Most people know what the falls are like.  Th ey have seen pictures if they themselv es haven't been there.  If you're among those that haven't been there you should go.  It is an impressive sight.  And the pictures, as always, don't do it justice.  There is a lot of water going over these falls.  

That is American Falls on the left and Horseshoe Falls, in Canada, in the back.  The buildings are in Canada.

The falls are at the head of a long canyon carved by the falls eroding the rock and washing away the dirt.  This picture is from the Canadian side.  The upper one was taken from the green tower on the cliff face towards the left.

We did the usual tourist things like ride the boat to the base of the falls and get soaked in the spray.  Our cell phones are waterproof so we used them to take these pictures.  Many of which did not turn out because of the spray in the air and on the lens.

There is a steady stream of the boats from both sides of the river to the falls and back.  Al most like a ride at Disneyland with the cars moving in succession on a prescribed route.  The "Maid of the Mist" that we rode from the American side uses blue rain ponchos (included in the price) and the Canadian company uses red ones.  That made it easy to tell the boats apart even from the viewpoints at the top of the cliffs.

Another tourist thing is to go to the "Cave of the Winds" at the base of the falls, (they use yellow ponchos) and climb around on the platforms looking up at the falls.







On the left is near the bottom of the stairs shown above.  On the right is near the top.  The picture from the very top is just a smear of water and unidentifiable so I have not included it.

The bag in Kathy's hand is her shoes.  Here they give you shower sandals as well as a poncho.  The decks/stairs have water running across/down them and regular footwear would be soaked quickly.

We had bought the package tickets for the day.  Included were tickets to the nearby aquarium.  So we hopped on the trolley, ticket included, and rode over to the small but nice aquarium.  They had several tanks of colorful tropical fish, seahorses and other small fish.  In the center was a large tank with a couple seals and a side tank had some sharks.  Neither of these would hold still long enough for a picture.  We killed an hour and rode the trolley back to the parking lot and the bike.

Now we are headed back into Canada on a short cut to Detroit, the Henry Ford Museum and disaster.