When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Cape Lookout& Oregon 500

Cape Lookout

We took a weekend and went to Cape Lookout State Park on the Oregon coast.  This park is near Kathy’s favorite beach for finding agates.

I had reserved a site but it wasn’t necessary.  The campground was only half full.








After setting up camp we went to the beach and scouted out the rocks.  Kathy walked around with her head down and I sat on a large rock and read my book.

Maybe I should have guided her around.  She found this boulder with its bands of quartz.  She wanted me to pack it out.  And like a fool I said I would.









On the way back to camp we saw this herd of Roosevelt elk.

The next morning we packed up and went to another nearby beach we had been told about but the pickings were pretty slim.  There were no areas of pebbles, just sand and water.







So we headed home by crossing the Columbia River to the Washington side and following the highway upriver. This is the bridge at Astoria near the mouth of the river.  It is high at the ship channel for ship traffic going to Portland, Oregon and then runs across 3 miles of mud flats to the Washington side.







We weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the weather and going riding.





And that boulder is in the back yard among the flowers!




Oregon 500

The Rose City Motorcycle Club’s Oregon 500 starts very early in the morning.  Registration opens at 04:30, but we arrived about 06:00.  We were pre-registered and passed thru quickly.

The route left Portland, Oregon going east over the shoulder of Mt. Hood, one of our neighborhood volcanoes.  Although this one is dormant.






The route left the forested mountains and ran through the high desert of the “east side” , as we call any area on the east side of the Cascade Mountains which divide the state into two very different climatic zones.  The organizers found some very fun roads for us.








And some scenic rock formations.  The nearby “Smith Rocks State Park” has some excellent climbing rocks that are world famous amongst rock climbers.  Climbers can usually be seen free climbing from the nearby state highway.








And again this year the organizers managed to time the ride with a cattle drive.  This is the third time we have been caught in a cattle drive on a Rose City MC Club event.

And we did it once in Switzerland too!!








Some more fun roads later we are headed back towards Portland.  As the ending ceremonies are at the same place as the start we do have to head back.









We are now going through the dryland wheat farming country.  The flat land is cut with canyons that give more good riding even if the wind is now picking up as it does every afternoon in this open country.









We are now back in the mountains and again going over the shoulder of Mt. Hood.  This view is from the east.










The ending ceremonies are held about 9 PM.  This ride is scored by taking everyone’s starting mileage and time out and then taking everyone’s ending mileage and time back in and then averaging all of them.  The average time was 12 hours 6 minutes and 41 seconds.  The distance was 509.94 miles (about 918 km.).  There were 289 motorcycles entered.  As usual we were a little high in mileage and an hour short in time.  We tend to ride without as many stops for long meals as others.  But we tend to go off-route to find the kind of food we want.  This adds up to being out of the running for prizes.  But we didn’t come for the prizes, we came to ride!



Next is the Western States 1000.  This is a 1000 mile (1600 km) two day ride.