When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Summer 2008

We have made it so far, we're in The Netherlands after another long flight.  We again stayed with the very nice Dutch couple, Dirk and Hetty, who were storing our Wing over the winter.  We did some repairs to the brakes which had corroded with the salt residue left on them from our trip from Italy to here last November.  The salt was used to help keep the roads safe to drive on but is extremely hard on on vehicle parts.

The plan is to go to the Belgian Treffen and then head south to Morocco visiting friends in Portugal on the way.  After that we turn north and head for Nordkapp, Norway.  Nordkapp is as far north as one can drive on a paved road on this planet.  It is even a little north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Then on the way south we'll stop in Helsinki and take a side trip into Russia by train.  After returning to Helsinki we want to head south through the old "Iron Curtain Countries".

We started out by following the coast down to Belgium.  We traveled over some of the large gates that protect the low lying countryside from the water surge created by storms in the North Sea.  The large tubes on the right are pistons that push gates down into the water.  On the left are Dutch windmills of the modern electricity producing kind.

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