When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Turkish Treffen 2

The Treffen was a success. There were 220 GoldWings plus a few other bikes there. There was covered parking and shade trees. Which was good because the weather was sunny and warm the entire four days. It was also humid because we are on the beach of the Aegean Sea.


This is the view from our room.










This is the view at night when the band played Rock & Roll until midnight.



The GoldWing on the dance floor has about a thousand LED lights that change color with the music. He has drilled holes and inserted the LED’s in all the body panels as well as lights underneath.


It is quite spectacular and dramatic.



This not a very good picture. It was taken while the bike was moving, in the dark. Each Treffen has a nighttime Light Parade. I didn’t ride in it. We have no special lights on our Wing. That doesn’t stop many people but I wanted to video the parade more than ride in it.











There was also a Parade of Nations. We lined up and rode to a small stadium in the nearby town of Ayvalik.






In the ancient stadium we watched a dance performance. The dancers were in traditional costumes for their roles.




















The last night was the awards night. Although we are not members of the Gold Wing European Federation (GWEF) I received an award for being an Oldest Rider. There were three of us the same age. (77)

There was a large video screen behind the stage which was displaying pictures taken by the official photographer and for sale by him.






At the intermission in the proceedings we had a belly dancer performance. One of the pictures displayed was of our bike leaving for the Parade of Nations.

With that view in your head we will leave the Turkish Treffen and ride to Istanbul.