When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Turkey Treffen

We arrived in a big pack. There are already lots of GoldWings here. We ride into the middle of the mess, register and find parking.



As usual it is a madhouse with the bikes riding through the entrance area of the hotel, past the booths selling merchandise, the mechanics doing installs and repairs, the registration booth and the crowd of people who are trying to access these areas.


















We manage to survive this and get to our room. This is the view. This is the same Aegean Sea as we were at when we waited in Greece. The water is warm and the sun strong.

Today, Thursday is the first real day of the Treffen. There is a ride to see some ruins but we declined to join them. We saw ruins yesterday and we will see more as we tour Turkey after the treffen.


But I am getting ahead of myself. On the way down we crossed the Dardanelles on a ferry. This meant we did not have to go through downtown Istanbul. The Dardanelles lead to the Black Sea and divide Europe from Asia.


The road to the ferry was narrow, windy and slow. The traffic level was heavy and like the truck, loaded with logs, ahead of us it was difficult to pass. They are building a bridge nearby with a four lane road running through multiple tunnels to access it. But it is still a couple years from completion.













About an hours ride after the ferry we stopped at the ancient city of Troy. You do remember your Greek History from high school don’t you. Or did you, like me, sleep through it. Remember Helen of Troy, The gal who started the war. And the wooden horse that was stuffed full of soldiers.

This is not the original horse. It is a 1975 artist reproduction. But that was the only new thing from the ancient city of Troy. There was occupation here for several thousand years and the archeologists have found about ten layers of buildings.

The couple in red are our very great friends from Portugal. Like so many GoldWingers in Europe they have helped us out and in the process have become good friends. We knew they were going to be there and have looked forward to this reunion for several months.



The picture below shows some of the layers of building. If you look close you can see differences in the quality and style of the rock walls. Some are stacked rock and others are hewn square stones of consistent size. In another area, under a sheltering awning, were some mud-brick walls.












Well that brings up to today, I’ll continue the story in Treffen 2.