When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Waterfalls and Platypus

We’ve left the Outback and are in dairy country. And it happened in 20 minutes and 30 km. The roads wind around, over and down hills. The grass is green and the air sweet.


We are camped in a nice little caravan park near the town of Millaa Millaa.  Like our town in Washington state (Walla Walla) they must have liked it so much that they named it twice.  I took the afternoon to update the web pages and we relaxed to enjoy the fresh air.

After that was done we took the little trail alongside a flowing creek into the town to have a beer at the pub and buy some groceries.

Later we walked to the Tea House because it was Friday “Pizza Night”.  That was a little over 2 km (1.3 mi) each way.  We came home in the dark along a narrow road and had to get into the ditch to avoid passing traffic.

Look at all the tall trees, palms, hardwoods, conifers and tree ferns. After nearly six weeks in the outback we are ready for this.  The campground in Katherine had some nice trees but just outside it was more Outback.

We are at an elevation of around 900 meters (3000’) but it doesn’t seem like it.  This is the edge of the tropical rain forest.  And it was proved to us the very next day.

It rained! And rained all day long. We hid out in the van. We tried to stay dry under the awning but the wind picked up and we soon moved inside.  It didn’t take long until we had “cabin fever”.

The next day dawned rainy too but we had had enough and closed up the van to go see some things.






The first thing was to start along the waterfall trail. This is a road that makes a 15 km (10 mi) loop past three falls.  The first is Millaa Millaa Falls and it is also a local swimming hole.  It drops 18 m. (50”) off a lava ledge.





Then it was on to Zillie (R) and Ellinjaa Falls (L).

By the time we got to Zillie the sun was out and there were fluffy clouds all about.










Now with the loop completed we headed off to see what is billed as the world’s strangest animal.  The Platypus. They are an egg laying mammal that is ½ meter (18”) in length or less. They are shy but in the tourist spot they are used to people and will swim by, but not too close.

They look a lot like an alligator or crocodile if you don’t look closely enough. But a very small one.





After seeing a half dozen Platypus we headed out for lunch.  We took the old road to a larger town named Ravenshoe (do Ravens really wear shoes here?) and found out the hotel was having a buffet lunch.  We pigged out and drove back to camp feeling very full.

(I’ve been corrected, it’s Ravens-hoe not Raven-shoe.)

Next we’ll be in the Cairn’s area.