When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Wednesday Rides

A member of our chapter has started a program of going on a local, all day, ride every Wednesday. As I don’t work on Wednesdays I have been riding some, but not all, of them.

April 5th.

Today there were only 3 of us. Larry, on the black trike, myself, and Mike on a Harley trike.

The ride was south to Silver Falls state park and back on back roads. About 150 miles.






June 3rd

This day we are headed west to Astoria, of course, on back roads. There are 6 bikes today. So far no passengers have joined us. Each of these rides includes a lunch stop at a local cafe. This ride is about 220 miles. Astoria is at the mouth of the Columbia River and is as far west as we can go on a GoldWing.





June 12th

You’ll find that the pictures on these rides (without passengers) are all at a stop. It’s real hard to pilot the bike and work a camera at the same time.

This is a ride to Bickleton, a very, very small town to the east of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.

We rode Hwy 14 (not I-84) through the Columbia River Gorge and up the Klickatat River to this view of Mt. Adams. Mt. Adams is one of our neighborhood volcanoes.



Arriving in Bickleton (self proclaimed Blue bird Capital of the World) we ate at the Blue Bird Cafe. A trio of Harley riders was just finishing their lunch here. After talking and looking we went inside and ordered.






On the return west again on Hwy 14 we stopped at a monument to the local fallen soldiers of WW I. It is a replica of England’s Stonehenge done in concrete.







June 7th

We went to Raymond, WA. And with 6 bikes this time. Raymond is near the coast north of Astoria. The route this time took us 35 miles up I-5 before we had back roads to travel. From Vancouver I-5 follows the east bank of the Columbia River downstream to Kelso, 35 miles from Vancouver where the river turns west and I-5 ontinues north towards Seattle. With the river on the west and a range of steep and high hills on the right, I-5 is the only reasonable road to Kelso.

Again we had lunch and turned south towards the mouth of the Columbia River. We stayed on the Washington side of the river and returned to Kelso where we took I-5 south to home. This time about 250 miles.


June 14th

This ride is to Condon, OR. Condon is in Oregon east of the Cascade Mountains. It is a about 50 miles south of Bickleton. We again traveled Hwy 14 east for a hundred miles.

And you will notice a picture while moving. I have bought a Garmin VIRB action camera.







We have 5 bikes and are running the canyons and wheat fields of Eastern Oregon. We have lunch at Arlington after turning north in Condon. Arlington is on the Columbia River and I-84, which is the main route along the south side of the Columbia River.



















On the way west along I-84 we left the freeway to ride the old Hwy 30 which was built in the 1930’s. Parts of it still survive and are popular with motorcyclists as you can see why. The  highway had high volcanic bluffs to cross that required some careful planning. Farther west is another section which not only crosses a high bluff it also goes past several waterfalls.