When life gives you lemons, go ride Lemonade!

Below is our trip from Venice to Spain.  

It has been a fun time traveling through Germany and visiting Venice.  But the weather is turning cold.  Our next to the last night in Venice the temperature dropped down to freezing.  There was frost on the leaves that were lying on the ground.  This was the day we went to Murano and stayed until after dark in Venice.  It was very cold when we went to bed.  Our sleeping bag is not built to do freezing so we laid our coats over it and wore socks and clothes to bed.  The next day we headed west on the Autovia until we got near France.  The French toll roads are more expensive than the Italian ones and we wanted to get off the toll road before entering France.  The GPS was programmed to avoid them and it took us to a small town near the border called Cuneo.  There we found a nice municipal campground and spent the night.  We arrived shortly before dark and registered, then the manager gave us each a glass of red wine, he said we probably needed it!  This night it got down to 27 F. (-2 C).  The campground manager loaned us an electric heater and we didn't freeze, but it was sure cold going to the toilets and showers.  The next day we crossed another range of mountains, up a winding road and through some tunnels until we came down the French side, arriving near Cannes at the non-toll divided highway.


We arrived at Aix-en-Provence that afternoon (Saturday) and stayed two nights. We rode the bus into town and toured the craft market on the main street and found an internet cafe and did the essential things.  

Next is our winter in Spain.